IMAGINALITY Equipment Provided

The IMAGINALITY Suite includes everything you need to start using IMAGINALITY, with a standard Windows computer (support for Mac computers coming soon). The full package includes:

  • USB Web Camera
  • Set of 12 Paddles (small, handheld squares on which the computer places 3D objects)
  • A PDF of the paddles (and tips on how to best use them) so you can print out replacement paddles if necessary


  • 47+ professionally produced modules
  • 8 detailed Teacher Guides
    Each of these are 10 to 20 pages, and include: module value (its advantages over other learning media for this subject); curriculum fit (based on general US curriculum); a description of what students can explore; curriculum learning objectives; key concepts; a quick start guide; elements specific to this module; a glossary; instructions on how to use the module along with common student questions; info paddle text; sample worksheet with teacher notes and answers
  • 14+ less detailed Teacher Guides
    Each of these are 8 to 14 pages, and include: curriculum fit (based on general US curriculum); curriculum learning objectives; key concepts; a quick start guide; instructions on how to use the module; info paddle text; web links and a shorter sample worksheet with answers


  • Over 30 3D objects and over 10 animated 3D objects
  • Over 50 2D image textures that can be placed on paddles, or used to texture other 3D models
  • Over 60 sound effects that can be attached to 3D objects or interactions
  • Integrated with the Imaginality Create help and resources website, which is full of help, inspirational examples and curriculum-based activities – all with free videos and downloadable modules
  • The ability to add a limitless range of 3D objects via the SketchUp Imaginality Connector
    • Preview any SketchUp 3D model in AR with one click
    • Tight integration with Google SketchUp
    • Access to 200,000+ free models in the Google 3D Warehouse.
    • Assists with installing Google SketchUp (free) if necessary

NOTE: The tool kit may be customized by different distributors; Imaginality works with any Windows desktop or laptop made since 2007 and most older computers although it is best to check them against our system requirements; A broadband internet connection enables the best experience.





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