Features and Benefits of IMAGINALITY


Lets you hold virtual, 3D, learning objects in the palm of your hand

Hold children’s attention for longer

Appeal to kinesthetic learners

Bring high engagement stimulus into the class room (rather than just at home)

Uses virtual learning objects instead of real objects

Virtual objects can be animated, float in mid air, interact with other objects and interact with the user

Students can quickly understand complex concepts Achieve curriculum objectives faster

Illustrate concepts without being restrained by physical limitations

One computer can be used by multiple students

Maximise the use of your hardware

Encourage sharing and teamwork

Enables you to capture still images and videos of what you are making

Integrate IMAGINALITY into other work like assignments and portfolios

IMAGINALITY PLAY offers over 45 curriculum focused modules and it is growing

Many modules come with Teacher Guides and Worksheets

Slot IMAGINALITY into your curriculum easily

Save time designing lesson plans and activities

Get lots of great ideas to maximise the value of each module

Modules teach via demonstrations, activities and do-it-yourself projects for different ages, abilities and group sizes

Can be used on digital white boards, single computers or in computer labs

Support prescriptive, self-paced, discovery-based and project-based learning

Cater for children of different ability levels, year levels and group sizes

Offer extra work for high achieving students

Can be adapted for various teaching spaces

Comes with over 110 sample 3D models and sound effects

Get started quickly – create your frst module in under a minute

Offers over 200,000 free 3D models

Students and teachers can download, modify or create their own 3D models

Create modules by arranging 3D models and making them interact with each other

Share and promote modules online for free

Quickly develop resources

Limitless content to play with and create

Challenge high achieving students

Students will be challenged and inspired on a world stage

Enable students to show their family what they are creating at school

Support critical analysis and improvement projects

Enables you to enrich modules by adding text, narration, sound effects, animation or images to 3D models

Lets you make 3D models interact with each other by simply choosing from pre-built options

Students can create the AR equivalent of posters or Power Point presentations that are fun and interactive

Teachers can quickly add information, context and instructions to 3D models

Allows you to view the underlying C# programming code and edit the code to make new interactions

A great introduction to computer programming

A great way to teach programming – students can quickly see fun, tangible results


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