IMAGINALITY provides two powerful tools that allow you to make the most of virtual learning in different ways based on your students or your teaching style.

IMAGINALITY PLAY is an Augmented Reality ‘App Store’, full of educational experiences, called modules, that have been created by professionals and designed to target specific topics in the curriculum. Many are accompanied by detailed Teacher Guides and Worksheets to make lesson plans easy and to maximise each module’s value. Images and video can be captured for cross-pollination into reports, tests, journals, assignments and portfolios.

FOR EXAMPLE: The “Moon Phases” module enables students to move the moon around the earth and understand how this affects moon phases and tides. The Teacher Guide helps you cover all the relevant points and comes with printable worksheets that the students can complete in groups.

IMAGINALITY CREATE makes it easy for students and teachers to create and share their own IMAGINALITY modules. In seconds, choose a 3D model and place it on a paddle. In a few more seconds, have your 3D model interacting with other 3D models. In just a few minutes, complete your module and have it automatically uploaded online to share for free with friends and parents.

FOR EXAMPLE: Make planets scale to their relative sizes when they are held beside each other.

IMAGINALITY CREATE comes with tight Google SktechUp integration via the IMAGINALITY SKETCHUP CONNECTOR. This enables students and teachers to find or create their own 3D models and either view them immediately on a ‘paddle’, or take them into IMAGINALITY CREATE where they can make their own IMAGINALITY module. This integration is provided as a plug-in for Google SketchUp, a free 3D modeling application that has a large community of loyal school users. With it, you can make 3D models from the ground up, or assemble or modify any of the 200,000+ free models in the Google 3D Warehouse.

FOR EXAMPLE: Download a 3D model of a car from the Google 3D Warehouse. Hold it in your hand on a ‘paddle’ or separate out the components (e.g. body and chassis) and add some new ones (e.g. engine and differential). Export it to IMAGINALITY CREATE and make a “Build Your Ultimate Car” module to share online.




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