New Imaginality Play module tested at Paparoa School

by on August 30, 2013 at 4:46 pm

We have been developing a new series of “Story Maker” modules for Imaginality Play, which enable children to arrange some characters and props on a background, take a photo and type in a story.

This week, we tested the first module in this series: “Story Maker – Surface of the Moon” at Paparoa Street School during their discovery time. We were flooded with excited 5 year olds, keen to make their own stories – we got quite a few stories done, but we’ll go again next week to give them another chance. This test gave us a few ideas of how to improve it too, so we’ll be keen to test the new version next week.

Thanks to Paparoa Street School for welcoming us in. We have a few photos from it below. Paparoa also blogged about it.

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  • Heather


    It sure looks very cool.

  • Rohit


    This ideas are great, thanks so much for sharing!


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