We would love you to experience for yourself the educational benefits of IMAGINALITY.

Three Ways to Get Imaginality for Free:

There are three ways we offer to get Imaginality for free:

  1. Get the Free Version of Imaginality. It has some limitations, but is a great way to get started.
  2. Help us create more resources for teachers, and we will be more than happy to say thank you by offering you free licenses of Imagainality. See Imaginality Goldrush.
  3. Run a fundraising drive with parents – for every non-education purchase of Imaginality, we will make an equal donation to a school of their choice! See Imaginality GoGo (Get One, Give One).

Get the Free Version of Imaginality

How do I get started for FREE?

  1. Install Imaginality Play.
  2. Create a new account.

This will give you two free modules and the ability to browse and view all social modules. It also gives you access to Imaginality Create Free, so that you can integrate with SketchUp, create your own modules, and share them online for free.

How does the FREE version compare to the paid version?


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