Get IMAGINALITY for FREE with Imaginality GoGo (Get One, Give One)

We would love for Imaginality to be available to as many children in as many schools as possible. Therefore, we are offering an incredible deal:

For every non-education purchase of Imaginality, we will make an equal donation to a school of their choice!

So teachers – run a fundraising drive through your parents network – you could get Imaginality for free! Just ask them to purchase Imaginality for their child, and choose your school for our matching donation – they get Imaginality to use at home, and you get Imaginality to use in your school for free!
Parents or businesses could also buy the school version of Imaginality and donate it to you, then our matching donation will essentially double the value of their donation!

To make this work effectively, we need to clarify a couple of points:

  1. Please contact us before you start your fundraising drive so that we can get your closest local distributor of Imaginality to help you get set up .
  2. Non-education purchases of any size will qualify for a matched donation. A school can collect multiple small donations to make a larger purchase.
  3. You can only choose a specific school in locations where we have participating distributors (USA, UK, Europe, Indonesia, Malaysia, Middle East, Egypt and Africa). This is because we want to ensure that chosen schools will have thorough support available to them. One exception is if you pledge (or are gifted) the school version of Imaginality, you can receive matched donations in any country worldwide.
  4. Our donations to schools will be for Imaginality software and modules only. Unfortunately, we do not have enough margins to also donate paddles or webcams, but most schools will already have devices with webcams, and the paddles can be printed for free or purchased separately.

If you are interested, please contact us using the Contact Us panel to the right.


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