Get IMAGINALITY for FREE with Imaginality Goldrush

Help us create more resources for teachers, and we will be more than happy to say thank you by offering you free licenses of Imagainality.

Imaginality can be used to enhance your curriculum in many fantastic ways. We have some great ideas in the Teacher Guides and Worksheets that come with Imaginality Play Modules. But we are only scratching the surface of what is possible – with the help of educators around the world, we can create more modules and more activities, linked to more curricula is many exciting ways.

So if you are interested in contributing to the future of education, we are more than happy to say thank you by offering you free licenses of Imagainality. This is also a great opportunity if you can’t afford to buy Imaginality, but you have some time available.

Below are examples of some of the content we are looking for:

  1. Enhance existing Teacher Guides with Curriculum Linkages to your local Curriculum.
  2. Enhance existing Teacher Guides with additional worksheets that apply the Module to new curriculum topics or to your local curricula.
  3. Enhance existing Teacher Guides with new ideas of how to use existing Modules.
  4. Full Teacher Guides and Worksheets for new modules. Most modules already have these, but we are always making new modules. We can help you get started and have a Teacher Guide Guidelines document to give you a clear idea of what is required.
  5. Creation of new modules using Imaginality Create. We have help with concept planning, and even with some of the software development.

If you are interested, please contact us using the Contact Us panel to the right.

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