Imaginality Create adds 10 new interactions

by on June 26, 2012 at 9:39 am

Imaginality Create has now enabled Models to interact in new and exciting ways with 10 new Event Triggers and Results. Change a models texture, fade them in and out, follow other models – now the possibilities are endless!

You can also download the module created in this video to run it and modify it.
You can also download the video as an mp4 file to view offline.

These new interactions include:

  • New Trigger Result: “Change Texture” which changes a model’s texture. E.g. when you bring blue box close to a house’s roof, you can make the roof turn blue.
  • New Trigger Result: “Always Visible”. Makes models stay on screen even if their paddle is removed. So a sun face could stay floating in the corner of the screen, looking at a farmer.
  • New Trigger Result: “Transparency”. Makes models as transparent as the user wishes. E.g. place a semi-transparent engine on paddle 1 and the separate engine parts on the other paddles, and when you bring them close to paddle 1, make that parts on paddle 1 become solid.
  • New Trigger Result: “Auto Fading”. Turns Auto Fading on or off (on by default), which helps in some circumstances.
  • New Trigger Result of “Match Position and Rotation”. Moves a model to the same place as another model – even on another paddle. Great for making your own modules like “Human Body Builder”.
  • New Trigger Result: “Look At Camera”. E.g. A character or a 2D image on a paddle can always look at the camera – great for making billboards, so students can label things, etc.
  • New Event Triggers: “Seconds Visible” and “Seconds Invisible”. E.g. after a model has been visible for 10 seconds, change its texture.
  • New Event Triggers: “Model Visible” and “Model Invisible”. Slightly different to “Paddle on Screen” – better in some cases.
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