Imaginality Create now tightly integrated with SketchUp

by on June 26, 2012 at 3:11 am

Imaginality Create is now tightly integrated with SketchUp so that it can install it automatically, and then jump from one to the other with ease. If you haven’t tried SketchUp yet – it’s a free application that makes it easy to create your own 3D models, or choose from an online library of 200,000+ free models.

You can also download the module created in this video to run it and modify it.
You can also download the video as an mp4 file to view offline.

  • In Imaginality Create, you can now “Add a 3D Model From SketchUp” (Under 3D Models -> +). If either SketchUp or the Imaginality SketchUp Connector are not installed, it will take you through a very user-friendly wizard to install them (handling Admin access, passwords, etc).
  • The Imaginality SketchUp Connector now installs two buttons into SketchUp: Preview and Export. Export still does what it always did, but now also automatically loads the model into Imaginality Create. This makes it much faster to get started working with the 3D models you create.
  • 3D Models are now automatically scaled and positioned to fit on to the paddle, so it is even easier to use. When you export to Imaginality Create, you have the option to turn this of if required.
  • Note: This means the separate “Imaginality SketchUp Tools” application has been discontinued as it is no longer necessary. The free version of this will be replaced with a free version of Imaginality Create.
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